Do You Need to Talk?

Do you feel like the intensity of your emotions is running too hot or cold? Are conversations with your spouse or partner spiraling into anger or disappointment? Do you feel alone even when you are not alone? Do you feel like no one understands you? If so, then you deserve to be heard and I urge you to book an appointment or call me.

Who Goes to Therapy?

I help people like you, or someone you love, who struggle with the thoughts, feelings and actions that are stubbornly in the way of happiness. The people I see have worries that haunt them, depression that weighs them down, or they have ongoing arguments that are repeated to the point of exhaustion. I like to work with adult individuals and couples and show them that they have the opportunity and the ability to navigate toward healthier and happier living. We can work together to move you closer to the life you want and deserve.

How to Start Therapy

Starting individual therapy or couples counseling is easy in thought but harder in action. You have probably thought that there is a problem in your life for days, weeks, or years and you know what you should do but something comes up to block you. The most difficult thing is reaching out to someone and being vulnerable enough to ask for help. However, once you do there is relief. You no longer have to carry your burden alone and you can breathe easier knowing that someone else is willing to listen, understand, and provide guidance when you feel lost. Start by calling me and sharing your concerns and see if therapy is the right direction for you.

Take the Next Step

It's time to talk and get past the poisonous thoughts and feelings that have halted your happiness. I have hours that fit your busy schedule.