Is Anxiety Taking Your Mind Hostage?

Do you find yourself worrying about things every day? Is it difficult to control the worry? Are you losing sleep at night? Do you feel on edge, restless, or irritable? Have you noticed that you don’t have much energy? Is it hard to concentrate, stay on task, or maintain motivation? Have you noticed increased or sustained muscle tightness? Have you had a sudden intense fear to which you felt powerless to escape? Are you worried about a personal, relational, or occupational change?

Is My Anxiety Normal?

It is estimated that 18% of people in the US have a form of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is more than the occasional feeling of fear or worry, it effects all branches of our lives and can impair or strain relationships with friends and family, reduce productivity at work, and diminish focus for learning new tasks or facts. Every person experiences anxiety but help is needed from a professional when the worry or fear, and the physical symptoms that come with them, are a daily occurrence or the intensity prevents a person from living their normal life.

The worst thing about fear and anxiety is that it convinces a person that they are powerless now and in the future. It can make decision making painfully slow and then haunt you with second guessing about past decisions. When people are anxious they are preoccupied and far from performing at an optimal level because their brain slips into a flight/flight/freeze mode where higher functioning like listening to others, memory, impulse control, empathy, intuition, morality, and mood regulation are limited or no longer accessible. Anxiety is not permanent. You can learn to reduce anxiety, relax the mind and body, and live with greater ease. No matter how big or small anxiety is in your life you will learn that you have ways control it when it strikes.

Anxiety Treatment

I use therapeutic methods that have been validated by scientific research and are backed by the American Psychological Association, World Health Organization, and Department of Veteran Affairs. Those methods are Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, and Mindfulness. I aim to help you understand the psychological and physiological effects of anxiety and the benefits of learning new coping techniques to overcome the seemingly overpowering electric surge of worry, fear or terror.

 There is Hope

I know that anxiety can be tamed not just because of the scores of research that supports the techniques I use but because I have used them with remarkable success to help many clients slip the grasp of anxiety.

Is Seeking Help a Sign of Weakness?

If you had a fever of 103 degrees it would not be a weakness to go to the doctor. In that scenario, the body’s immune system is trying to protect itself against an infection but if the immune response is not regulated it can cause more damage than the infection. Anxiety is a necessary emotional/physiological response to protect a person from perceived threats but left unchecked the number or intensity of threats grows and snowballs into a disorder.   It is much easier, faster, and less painful to seek help than to do it alone.

Learn to Control Your Anxiety Now

You can call me today and we can talk about what trouble you have and the possible solutions and resources that are available to you. I am available from 7 am to 8 pm Monday-Friday, and morning and early afternoon on Saturday.  Call or text me at 210-310-8384 and I will get back to you ASAP.